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A singleton REST client with retry mechanism in Java

Hi All, There are instance when RESTful service don’t respond back. The issues can be several. However, we still want to get the response from that service. In those scenarios we put a retry mechanism. The most common issue that we face is Read Timeout and Connection Timeout. The below code handle that scenario and …
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How to call multiple URLs asynchronously using Java 8

Hi guys, Request you to check out the previous post before proceeding – http://blog.niteshapte.com/2018-03-22-how-to-create-a-generic-executor-service-for-asynchronous-calls.htm. This is basically to give the idea how we are going to achieve multiple URL calls – asynchronously. Below solution is good at those places where we need to get data from different rest services in parallel. Using the received data …
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How to create a Generic Executor Service for asynchronous calls

Hello Everyone! 🙂 I am sure a lot of you know what are synchronous and asynchronous calls. Just in case you don’t: Synchronous If an API call is synchronous, it means that code execution will block (or wait) for the API call to return before continuing. This means that until a response is returned by …
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How to fetch trailer from YouTube without API Key

Hi Guys, Do you want to embed trailers from YouTube dynamically to your website without any registration for API key? If No, then move on 😉 If Yes, read on. 😀 YouTube allows you to embed videos in external site pages, but you need to know the identifier of the specific video you want to …
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Come and take me with you!

Hi guys, A new post after 1 long year. Hope you guys will like it. Come and take me with you… Eyes are filled… Heart bleeds… Take away the pain, all that you once gave me… Or else tell me how to forgot them… You have been in the emptiness of my hearts… In the …
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How to implement synchronization in Gosu

Hi All, Synchronization sounds familiar but not Gosu. Isn’t it? I know a lot of people still unaware about Gosu programming language. So let me give you a brief idea what’s Gosu programming language is. Gosu has been developed on top of Java. So it runs on JVM. The features of Gosu has been incorporated …
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How to download YouTube videos using wget and cURL

Hi all, Few days back I got a request in PHPClasses.org to develop a functionality in PHP for downloading YouTube videos. So, here it is. I have already published it on PHPClasses.org. Here is the link: http://www.phpclasses.org/package/9092-PHP-Download-YouTube-Videos.html. In case, you don’t see this page right now, it is still under processing. 😉 The idea is …
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Disk Usage: Calculate the disk space usage of a directory

Hi Guys, If you need to know the size of a directory, how many subdirectories or files have this utility class might come very handy. This class can traverse the directory that you indicate response and bring the same size in Megabytes, Gigabytes or Kilobytes as well as the number of files and directories it …
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The very beginning of love…

Hey guys, Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. May heaven choicest blessings upon you and your family on this new year. I wanted to publish something technical on this new year, but it’s new year, right? Time for fun, family, enjoyment and love. So, I decided to publish something that has some …
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PDO is abstracted!

Hi Guys Few days back I created a PDO class. I would like to share it with you all, perhaps, it may come handy. You find it on PHPClasses too. http://www.phpclasses.org/package/8853-PHP-Database-access-wrapper-based-on-PDO.html The idea is to abstraction PDO itself. Developers don’t need to know about the implementation if it is either a PDO or simple PHP …
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