I lose all the words

Hi Guys,

This is something that came into my mind few minutes back. Hope you guys will like it.

Whenever I wanna say something…I lose all the words
It’s only your face…that I wanna look at all the time…

Sometimes I feel like…this whole world is magic
This air, green and life…wink at me as if I am telling their story!

I have felt sometimes…you and I are mirrors
we look ourselves in each other…

Night, morning, evening or afternoon…will roam with you in my eyes
Let your presence create an aura

Your heartbeat…my heart listens
Your breath…my ear listens
Your shiver…my body feels

Don’t wonder…it’s love

Whenever I wanna say something…I lose all the words

Nitesh Apte

Let me know if there is any image that I can put to make this post beautiful.

Have a nice day ahead.

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