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How to create a SOAP Client in Java using SAAJ

Hi Guys, Today, I am going to show that how you can consume a SOAP WS using SAAJ framework. SAAJ is shipped with JSE 1.6 and above. What is SAAJ? SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) is mainly used for dealing directly with SOAP Request/Response messages which happens behind the scenes in any Web …
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How to create MySql backup and archive it using Java

Hi Guys, I know, the first question is “why” as a lot of tools, both free and commercial, are available to do the same thing. It’s fun 🙂 and may be it can give you general idea how those tools actually work internally. Four main implementations: 1. Taking MySql database backup in .sql file 2. …
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The Silver Moon

Hey guys, Be careful silver moon is going to get you all!!!   The Silver Moon Saw it in nights…and saw it in eyes Saw it in silver colour…the love moon The silver moon is gonna shine all life. The Silver Moon … Check the heart … check the sky. The silver moon gonna fill …
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How to get yahoo messenger status using Java

Hi guys, Few days back I created an utility for checking the status of user if he/she is online on Yahoo Messenger. This is a simple utility. Hope you guys have fun using it. 😉 Yahoo provides a link for accessing the status of user on Messenger. All you need to write a code that …
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How to convert ResultSet into ListMultiMap in Java

Hi guys, In few of my previous posts I mentioned about an API from Google called Guava. This API has a class called ListMultiMap. Today I am going to show you how you can use ListMultiMap to use the database ResultSet more efficiently. This will give developers a clear visibility regarding the column names and …
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Error and Exception Logging in PHP

Hi guys, I believe that everyone is well aware of errors and exceptions in PHP. And I am sure, everyone must have their own way of handling them. But there is problem in PHP. PHP can easily trap and log runtime errors but PHP error handlers cannot trap fatal errors. And it makes the debugging …
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O! You Old Tricky Love!

Hi Guys, Here is something that I wrote today. The mood: This is something that a guy and a girl who are deeply in love telling something. Something that happens when two people find a way through each other in love. And this is how they describes the oldest tricks of love that they discover …
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File search with timer in Java

Hi guys, Hope you guys are doing great. Today, I am going to show you how to implement a file search with a timer in Java. By ‘timer’ I mean that execution will stop after a certain time provided. You must came across this kind of functionality where the main program is stopped at a …
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How to copy a file from one location to another using C Langauge

Hi guys, Today, I am going to share a small utility that I created when I was in college. Yeah! It’s something like old school stuff! But it was fun. Copying a file to one location to another using C Language. It is same as cp shell command. I hope that it will help college …
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