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How to create MySql backup and archive it using Java

Hi Guys, I know, the first question is “why” as a lot of tools, both free and commercial, are available to do the same thing. It’s fun 🙂 and may be it can give you general idea how those tools actually work internally. Four main implementations: 1. Taking MySql database backup in .sql file 2. …
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Database connection pooling using Java

Hi Folks, Today I am going to show you some old school stuff. The Database Connection Pooling. I know there are several frameworks in Java that provides this facility, but I thought of sharing this to you guys because it’s actually a good piece of code. And it is always fun to know what’s going …
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Data Migrator and Merger: Synchronize MySQL databases using PHP

Hi Folks, Last year, I published a package in PHPClasses to synchronize the records of two versions of the same database schema and also to synchronize the schema. You can check out the link here – http://www.phpclasses.org/package/7448-PHP-Synchronize-MySQL-tables-with-another-database.html. The purpose of this package is simple. Many a times, there is problem while development in a team …
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