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How to call multiple URLs asynchronously using Java 8

Hi guys, Request you to check out the previous post before proceeding – http://blog.niteshapte.com/2018-03-22-how-to-create-a-generic-executor-service-for-asynchronous-calls.htm. This is basically to give the idea how we are going to achieve multiple URL calls – asynchronously. Below solution is good at those places where we need to get data from different rest services in parallel. Using the received data …
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How to create a Generic Executor Service for asynchronous calls

Hello Everyone! 🙂 I am sure a lot of you know what are synchronous and asynchronous calls. Just in case you don’t: Synchronous If an API call is synchronous, it means that code execution will block (or wait) for the API call to return before continuing. This means that until a response is returned by …
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